There are words in a language that go beyond their place of origin. These words are somehow exported and succeed in penetrating different cultures and other tongues. Up to now the word that has spread the most throughout the world is O.K., which is said to have originally sprung up in the United States during the time of the Civil War. The O in this word was actually a zero and the K represents the word Killed. When you put the two together it would say zero killed. This term was used to indicate that there were no casualties during battle. Today we use it to indicate approval or that a situation is acceptable.

After knowing a little bit of history I want to talk about a word that we are passionate about in Lingualink, this word is ikigai or いきがい, in Japanese. Ikigai means your reason of life, the reason why you wake up every morning, the reason why you go on. Iki means life and gai can be translated as courage. Ikigai goes beyond personal satisfaction, because it also represents your role in society and in this life. By knowing what your ikigai is, you will have the gift of knowing your purpose in this world and letting your body flow in it. This can allow you to be less opposed to situations that appear and simply accept the good that the universe offers. For the western culture, acquiring the ikigai has not been easy, in fact, there are people who last a lifetime looking for it, if you succeed in finding it, please share it with us.

We were tempted to start with other words, but this one seems so genuine and with a spiritual meaning that we thought it was essential to use it in the blog first. After reading this. Do you know your Ikigai yet?