Handling third party information is a great responsibility. When working with someone else’s information you become a part of their team. As a result, one may encounter sensitive information that can jeopardize a specific task or person. To prevent the propagation of information, companies hold Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA), for vendors. The importance of an NDA comes from the fact that this contract is a guide on how information should be manage by third parties and people. One can see it more as a reference that needs to be signed, however it is important to acknowledge that if information leaks there will be consequences. Some companies go even further and provide several levels of clearance in order to screen their providers and the access to information they have. Such companies work in industries that range from defense, air transportation, finance and technology. In this case the NDA is not only for the vendor, but to all the employees within the company. For NDA, Lingualink goes the extra mile as all of our the linguist sign a NDA between Lingualink and them. In case some request the NDA we are already covered and your information will be in good hands.